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Bajic Denture Clinic
Although people are getting much better at looking after their teeth these days, unfortunately for a variety of reasons such as tooth decay, gum disease and trauma – teeth still get lost. It is important to replace missing teeth immediately in order to …

Advantages of Costa Rica Dental Implants
To restore your beautiful smile there are numerous dental procedures you can choose from but the best offered in the market is dental implant because it not just replace single or multiple missing teeth without harming the natural teeth but it also …
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Why Do I need to see a Periodontist for Gum Disease? — Why Do I need to see a Periodontist for Gum Disease? – Periodontics & Implants Perth, WA Broadly speaking, a genera…
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clear retainers broken :)

i wanted to see what will happen to my retainers if i put them in hot water but i didnt see any results so i just … well i think you know the rest.

The importance of good oral health during pregnancy

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Gum recession & bone loss

Gum recession & bone loss
Secondly, when you look in the mouth you often see many different levels of gum loss on teeth that are right next to each other. Your toothbrush head is larger than one tooth, so how could you possibly attack one tooth more than its neighbour? That …

What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth?
Mouthwash doesn't protect against gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss. It feels like it cleans because it's astringent, but doesn't do anything to remove plaque. They do kill of the bacteria that make the plaque, though they quickly grow back.
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Dr. Thomas Livingstone Offers Alternative for Permanent Smiles After Tooth Loss
Dr. Thomas Livingstone, general and cosmetic dentist at Livingstone Dental Excellence in Canaan, CT is helping adult patients with missing, failing, or broken teeth find a solution that once again provides a permanent, natural-looking tooth. With …